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Our team


At LiSuMed ® we work in a relaxed, trusting, and harmonious atmosphere so that you as a patient feel safe and well. We are always there for you if you have any questions. The entire team will accompany you on your journey!

You, as an individual, are the centre of attention! That is why our small, competent, and empathic team fights with our heart and soul by your side so you can enjoy your future – without pain and with a better quality of life!

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - team - Dr. med. Heike Majewski

Dr. med. Heike Majewski

Specialist for vascular surgery, specialist for surgery

Curriculum vitae
lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - Sabine Ruhnau

Sabine Ruhnau

Communication, Team France

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - team - Marcus Böhle

Marcus Böhle

Communication, OP-Team

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - team - Claudia Santos

Claudia Santos

Communication, OP-Team, Team France

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - team - Christina Bunzel

Christina Bunzel

Communication, OP-Team

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - team - Katja Frein

Katja Frein

Systemic family therapist, certified pedagogue

Contact via:

Stefan Welss, MD

Contact via:

  • Association of German Surgeons
  • German Society for Vascular Surgery
  • German Society for Lipedema Surgery (DGfLC)
  • German Society for Phlebology
  • Lipedema Society
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