Lipedema treatment

Liposuction – the sustainable removal of the diseased fatty tissue to eliminate pain and improve one’s quality of life

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Lipedema treatment

Liposuction – the sustainable removal of the diseased fatty tissue to eliminate pain and improve one’s quality of life

For all those affected, lipedema is much more than a purely aesthetic change in the body. As lipedema specialists with many years of experience, we know the diagnosis usually reveals long, painful, and psychologically stressful, individual suffering. Therefore, it is our primary concern to treat lipedema holistically and sustainably as a multi-layered, chronic disease in order to achieve the best for your quality of life and your body image.

lipedema treatment - LiSuMed - lipedema treatment

Lipedema treatment

Holistic, individual, and empathetic

The diagnosis “lipedema” represents a deep cut in the life of those affected and is often a very emotional situation. It is particularly important to us to approach you in a trusting manner, at eye level and with a great deal of empathy. We focus on holistic therapy, meaning that we always consider the person as an individual with a personal history and an individual life path.

Conservative lipedema therapies such as decongestion or movement methods usually provide very good temporary control of the symptoms of lipedema. However, liposuction can improve the quality of life of those affected enormously. Through this procedure, the pathologically increased excess subcutaneous fatty tissue is radically and permanently removed in a surgical procedure. The goal is to halt the progression of the chronic disease, alleviate discomfort, prevent secondary symptoms, achieve the most beautiful aesthetic result possible and thus improve how you feel in your body overall. 

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The medical goals of liposuction

Many people know liposuction from the cosmetic or aesthetic field of medicine, but liposuction for lipedema is not cosmetic surgery. In lipedema treatment, the procedure has clear medical reasons.

The goals of liposuction for lipedema are to:

  • prevent the progression of chronic fat tissue proliferation
  • eliminate pain
  • remove the pathological fatty tissue permanently and thoroughly
  • reduce the proneness to hematoma
  • make the wearing of compression stockings and the use of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) unnecessary or reduce the need for them
  • adjust the body shape so it is more proportionate
  • alleviate mental stress and increase well-being and self-esteem

Water jet-assisted liposuction (WAL)

Gentle and very effective

As your lipedema specialist with many years of expertise in the surgical treatment of fat distribution disorders, I use the waterjet-assisted liposuction (WAL) procedure, which in recent years has proven to be very gentle and particularly effective.

In this proven treatment method, the fat cells are gently and carefully detached from the tissue with an ultra-thin, guided water jet and suctioned out. The WAL procedure is particularly gentle and very low risk as the connective tissue structures, nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels generally remain virtually intact. In addition, this procedure has been shown to result in less bruising and swelling, ensuring faster healing. The waterjet also promotes skin tightening after surgery.

The surgical method of water jet-assisted liposuction combined with the passion, commitment, and high level of competence I have in this field has meant that I have already been able to help numerous sufferers live happier, pain-free lives. This always includes trusted individual consultations and cooperation with our patients, which extends to the aftercare of successful liposuction procedures.

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