Bodytite, Aesthetic liposuction and lifting operations

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

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Bodytite, Aesthetic liposuction and lifting operations

Plastic and aesthetic surgery


Bodytite is one of the most effective and advanced methods of intra-operative skin tightening. Bipolar radiofrequency energy is used to tighten the skin over a large area and remodel the collagen fibres. This energy is delivered to the skin only in a targeted and controlled manner. Deeper structures such as lymphatic vessels, blood vessels and nerves are spared.

The Bodytite procedure can be applied directly after liposuction or at a later date, although direct intraoperative application is recommended. Bodytite is a low risk procedure but risks and complications can never be ruled out. Redness, rarely seroma and prolonged swelling may occur.

Individual skin areas can be tightened directly after liposuction, no additional skin incisions are required. The system consists of a blunt inner probe that is inserted under the skin and a parallel outer probe. The radiofrequency energy is delivered from the inner probe to the outer probe so that the skin is only targeted in this area. Both probes measure temperature continuously (1000 times per second), so that the temperature in the tissue is maintained at 55-60°C and at the skin surface at 35-38°C. This means that the risk of tissue overheating and burns is very low. At this temperature, the connective tissue fibres shorten and the body’s own production of new collagen and elastic connective tissue fibres is stimulated, while existing collagen is remodeled. The skin becomes thicker, firmer, smoother and more elastic.

The treatment is carried out under anaesthetic and takes 30-120 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Areas where the skin often does not tighten sufficiently after liposuction, such as the upper arm, upper and lower abdomen, inner thighs, saddlebags and knee area, are particularly suitable for this treatment. The first tightening effects can be seen immediately during the operation, and the final result, depending on the quality of the skin, the age and the amount of fat removed, can be seen after 6-12 months, when the collagen and elastin regeneration has developed its full effect.

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Aesthetic liposuction

Giving the body a harmonious shape

A beautiful body image contributes a lot to personal well-being. Those who feel good in their bodies also naturally radiate this.
However, many women and also men do not feel completely comfortable in their own skin for a variety of reasons. Often because of stubborn fat deposits or problem zones, which make for an incongruous body silhouette despite a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Due to this, the body and mind are no longer in harmony, the self-image becomes more negative, and well-being decreases.

Every person should feel comfortable in their body. Aesthetic liposuction (liposuction for purely aesthetic reasons) is a good option for giving the body a proportionate shape by removing fat deposits that do not compliment the overall appearance of the body. At LiSuMed, we place great emphasis on achieving natural-looking, individualized results that compliment your body type.

With the experience of many liposuction procedures, LiSuMED ® offers the WAL method as an efficient and gentle treatment of the arms, legs (e.g., riding breeches), abdomen, back and face (e.g., double chin).

It is important to emphasize that, contrary to what many patients believe, liposuction is not a weight loss method but rather a way to optimize the silhouette.

Aesthetic liposuction is one of the most common surgical procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. With modern and gentle surgical techniques, proportionate, individual, and aesthetically convincing results can be achieved.

The WAL method is a proven and gentle treatment method. With this method, the fat cells are gently and carefully detached from the tissue with a wafer-thin guided water jet and suctioned off. The WAL method is particularly gentle and very low risk as the connective tissue structures, nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels generally remain virtually intact. In addition, this procedure has been shown to result in less bruising and swelling, ensuring faster healing.

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Liposuction on your individual problem areas

Gentle and effective

Whether on the arms, legs, abdomen, back or even chin, in principle, any fat depot can be treated by liposuction. However, achieving an aesthetically beautiful and proportionate result requires a lot of surgical experience and should, therefore, always be performed by specialists in this field.

We use water jet-assisted liposuction (WAL), which, in recent years, has proven to be a very gentle and particularly effective method. Trusted individual consultation and cooperation with our patients are essential to us. This includes during the aftercare following a successful liposuction treatment.

An increase in the circumference of the arms is often particularly aesthetically bothersome for patients as they are difficult to conceal with clothing and can often negatively affect the body’s overall appearance. Diet and exercise often do not show the desired results.
Through an even reduction of fatty tissue on the arms, starting from the wrist area up to high above the shoulder joint, a proportionate body shape can be restored.
Patients often associate liposuction of the thigh only with procedures on the outer side of the thigh (riding breeches). The buttocks, the front and back of the thighs, and the knees are quite rarely treated. However, to achieve a proportionate body shape, an even fat reduction of the entire thigh and buttock region makes sense. Here, surgical experience is crucial to minimize risks and achieve the desired result.
Fat deposits on the ankles, misshapen calves and loss of knee or ankle contour are aesthetically undesirable and cannot easily be influenced by sport and diet. Three-dimensional and circular liposuction of the lower legs and knees creates natural-looking results with slender ankles and beautifully shaped calves.
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Aesthetic and lasting results

A well-proportioned body shape with a toned abdomen and a slim waist is an ideal that many people desire. However, sports and diet cannot always achieve these results, especially after heavy weight loss or pregnancy where the abdominal wall does not sufficiently recover. Here, abdominoplasty is an effective method of permanently removing the excess skin resulting in a significantly improved body shape.

During a small abdominoplasty, the excess skin in the lower abdomen is removed. Combining this procedure with liposuction is possible and often very useful. A fine scar remains above the pubic border.
During a large abdominoplasty, the upper and lower abdomen are tightened. If necessary, this includes repositioning the navel and tightening the muscles. Simultaneous liposuction is possible. This procedure requires prolonged inpatient monitoring.

Aesthetic surgery – With a lot of experience, time, and personal attention, we take care of your well-being in a competent and trustworthy manner.

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Thigh lift

Defined thighs for an improved body image and quality of life

The skin on the inner thighs is thin, sensitive and tends to sag, especially after severe weight loss or large-volume liposuction. Often sport does not attain the desired tightening effect here. However, the excess skin is often not only an aesthetic problem but also causes skin irritations, soreness, or infections in the skin folds. Here, a thigh lift with the removal of excess skin is an effective treatment method.

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Knee lift

Shapely, beautiful knees

After heavy weight loss, large-volume liposuction or due to age, excess skin can develop on the knees, which many people find bothersome. This can be removed in an outpatient operation. A transverse scar remains above the knee.

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Upper arm lift

Defined upper arms

The skin on the inside of the upper arms is thin and often affected by ageing. Targeted sports often do not achieve the desired results. In this case, tightening is possible. An upper arm lift is a process in which the excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, and the proportions of the arm are restored.

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